About us

Fox Transport is the realization of a long-standing, passionate desire to deliver a full range of transport services that meet our client’s individual expectations, every single time. The founder envisioned the company in 2002 because he found that a gap exists in the market for such services. He wanted to change the way people moved around, by addressing and resolving Qatar’s growing transportation problem. 


Fox Transport started off with limo drive but has expanded into many other areas ever since – thus showing a smarter, progressive approach to service. The founder had a passion on which he built the company and that is what drives it even today. We are truly passionate, and not strictly commercial like other

Providing the finest tailored transport experience that the region has to offer. 

Our Mission is to deliver outstanding service in every area of our business, whether it is Limo Service, Short term & Long term Car Rentals/Leasing program or Specialized Car Maintenance Services. We pride ourselves in providing our clients, from corporate to individuals and families - with the very best in tailored transport services so that they are able to trust and count on Fox Transport in fulfilling their needs.
peers present at the market. For instance, we saw a need for school service exists and therefore, we created a program around it. For us, it is not about numbers or codes; it is about the client’s name. We are passionate, we are personal, and we give you value for money.

We are not in this business for commercial reasons; we are in it because we are genuinely passionate about creating innovative solutions for your transport problems. We want you to be overwhelmed every time you use our services. Our success is underpinned by the personal commitment by each staff member to exceed your expectations.